Vitamin C AOR, 1000 mg, 300 Caps

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AOR Vitamin C, 1000 mg, 300 Caps

Supports overall health

  • An essential nutrient not made by the human body
  • An effective foundational vitamin
  • Supports the body during periods of stress
  • Antioxidant, antiviral (colds and flu)
  • Provides support against respiratory and allergic conditions
  • Provides cardiovascular support through improved blood flow
  • Helps build collagen


There is a fair amount of depth to the ascorbic acid research pertaining to cancer, most of it on the preventative aspect. Such preventative effects may be accounted for, in part, by ascorbic acid’s ability to detoxify carcinogens directly, as well as blocking carcinogenic processes via its antioxidant activity. Vitamin C can prevent the formation of such carcinogens as nitrosamines in foods and in the gastrointestinal tract. It can also detoxify such chemical mutagens and carcinogens as anthracene, benzo[a]pyrene, organochlorine pesticides and heavy metals. High concentrations of ascorbic acid in gastric juice may reduce the risk of gastric cancer by inhibiting the formation of carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds. Additionally, increased oxidative stress to the gastric mucosa has been reported in H. pylori-associated gastritis, a condition that predisposes to gastric cancer. There is preliminary evidence suggesting that vitamin C can inhibit the growth of Helicobacter pylori.


For those suffering from hypertension, there is an indication that ascorbic acid may improve endothelial-dependent vasodilation. That indication is likewise evident in those with hypercholesterolemia as well, and ascorbic acid may also help restore nitric oxide-mediated flow-dependent vasodilation in those with congestive heart failure.


The well-worn association between vitamin C and the common cold may be explained by the anti-histamine effects of the vitamin. These same effects also reduce the immunosuppressive activity of histamine, thus enhancing neutrophilic chemotaxis, giving ascorbic acid an overall immunomodulatory role as well.


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