Ascended Masters Conclave 2016

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Beloved Akasha and Asun and the I AM Family of Light welcome you to the first Ascended Masters Conclave being held in Kent, England. Their Ascended Master Guests include Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Mighty God Germain, Elohim Hercules, Goddess of Purity, Master Victory, Eloah Virginia, Goddess of Peace, Lord Maetreya, Goddess of Music, Lord Kuthumi, Quan Yin, Archangel Michael, and the Arceus Arcaseus. The Arceus are the Architects of our Universe from the Great Central Sun. The Masters have 18 Ascended Master Transmissions prepared for you.

The Ascended Masters will reveal the Colour Ray each of us were born on | The Masters will teach us how to use this Ray to improve our Daily Life | The Masters will show us how to use the Law of Attraction efficiently for greater prosperity | The Masters will release Healing Frequencies throughout the Conclave for us to receive | The Masters will show us how to clear our minds of thought forms and beliefs that limit our lives | We will gain greater comprehension and use of the Seven Sacred Rays of Light | We will align the Seven Rays of Light with our inner Heart Flame | We will receive a new Sacred Geometrical Imprinting for increasing Light in our bodies | We will receive an outpouring of the Forces of Creation from the Mighty Eloheim | The Masters will reveal how to make a Personal and Direct Contact with our God Presence within | The Truth about Nature of Consciousness will be revealed | Our realization of the Force of Omnipresence will expand | Aligning with the Presence of Victory, and much much more ~ Kent 2016

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