Ascended Masters Conclave 2018

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Ascended Masters Conclave 2018 – With the Akasha Grand Council

Once again, Mother Akasha presents the Akasha Grand Council at the Ascended Masters Conclave in Kent, UK. Akasha created the Council to oversee the Divine Plan for this Golden Age and ensure Victory.

The Resurrection into our Higher Christ Consciousness | The Path of Initiations that are before us now | How our God Self actualizes It’s Presence in us | Sacred Meditations for God Demonstrations | How the little ‘i’ lessens in the Presence of the Great ‘I AM’ | The Coming Untouchables will Shield the people with Christ Light | The noisy human mind settles down in the Great Great Silence | Permeation of your daily Consciousness with Substance of your Divinity | Masters Divine Plan to ensure the actualization of your True Self | Silencing the little ‘i’ that creates all the problems | Release of Dispensations for the Powers of Nature during Earth changes/cleansing | Venus is stepping up Divine Intervention now | Their Plans to make Contact with Individuals and Scientists on Earth | The Initiation; What does God mean to you? | Sacred Attunements to Music of the Higher Spheres | Source Attunements to Sacred Geometries of the Arceus ~ Kent 2018

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