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The Ascended Masters Patriots Conference

Beloved Akasha and Asun welcome your presence at their first Ascended Masters Patriots Conference held this year in Chicago. For this Seventh Golden Age which began in 2012, the Great Master Germain who over-lights America, formed a new group of Ascended Masters known as the ‘Ascended Master Patriots.

The Ascended Patriots who will discourse with us this weekend include: Nelson Mandela, Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Whitney Houston, President Kennedy, along with the ‘One Voice’ of the Ascended Roses. Others of the Ascended Host who will be with us this weekend include the Great Master Germain, Beloved Mary Magdalene, Master Serapis Bey, Lady Nada, Mighty Victory, Mother Akasha, Lord Asun, and the Beloved Master Hilarion.

Each Master will offer Insights on the many ways we can continue to embrace personal and spiritual empowerment and live our true authentic self on Earth. They desire to increase our awareness of how we can make a greater difference in this world, ways that we can leave the duality of good and evil behind and live the Polarity of Light and Love with greater Happiness and Joy.  ~ Chicago, IL 2019