Ascended Masters’ Retreat 1

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The Ascended Masters’ Retreat Part 1

Asun, Beloved Lady Leto, Master Kuthumi, Beloved Quan Yin, Master El Morya, the Goddess of Justice, Archangel Michael, the Supreme Eloah Virginia, and the Elohim Cyclopea. During the weekend, the Great Masters will discourse on the following subjects:

Empowering your feelings to express creative forces | How to experience greater Illumination in your mind | Living daily in the Rose Pink Flames of Cosmic Love | Methods to raise your Vibration of Light and increase your energy | Becoming an outpouring of Love that attracts all good | The White Fire Flames, the Purest State of Consciousness | The Power of the Flower of Life Blueprint, and how to access | Mastering our thoughts and feelings to manifest what you desire | Accessing Cosmic Shields of Protection from the Angels | The Advocacy of your Soul for Genius and Creativity | The Advocacy of your Soul for Divine Justice and Liberty | Ways to achieve greater Happiness and Joy | Shifting and raising into Higher Plateaus of Consciousness | Tapping your Potential for Success and Victory | Your Etheric Record of the First Two Golden Ages returns to you | The First Two Golden Ages, A Pattern of Perfection | Now as this Seventh Golden Age unfolds, the world waits for you On the subject of Healing. ~ Saskatoon 2015

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