Ascending Hearts Conclave 2023

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Welcome Beloved Magdalene Roses to our Original Conclave, the Ascending Hearts Conclave. The First Family return this Conclave to raise our Student Body into the 30th Degree/Passage of Resurrection. A Miraculous Accomplishment indeed and Mother Akasha and Papa Asun offer all our Beloved Rose Family their sincere Congratulations.

Becoming Untouchables in Christ is the dynamic path and offering of the 30th Passage of Resurrection. This introduces us to the Nine Degrees of Ascension, the Source of Phenomena.

These Passages of Resurrection are not as vertical as one may think, and as we pass through the 30th Passage, a great consideration and mystical knowledge to attuning the Sacred Space around us unfolds. Our ability to turn within, making greater contact with Source, increases.

A new Vibrational Energy Field of pure refined electromagnetic patterns of Consciousness builds within the Sacred Space around us, …and much much more.

Mother Akasha and Father Asun’s Special Guests include the Director Logos, the Christ, Mother Mary, Grandmother Anna, Mary Magdalene, the World Teacher Lady Leto, the Cosmic Being Lord Maitreya, and the Goddess of Venus.

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