Covenant With Akasha 2018

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Covenant with Akasha

I AM the Cosmic Law’s Victorious Action of all Covenants fulfilled!

Mother Akasha will initiate all Covenants we made with ourselves as well as Covenants that She and Her Ascended Master Guests offer to each of us. In preparation for Mother Akasha’s Covenant, She asks you to take some time to contemplate Covenants you would like to make for yourself. These Covenants can include Spiritual Attainment you wish to achieve, Covenants that include your Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations. Covenants make a deeper contact with our Inner Self which is the Individualization of God.

As well, Mother Akasha and Her Guests will Initiate the following Covenants:

  • Our Covenant with Grace, the Love of God that always fulfills
  • Our Covenant with Glory, the Light of God that never fails
  • Our Covenant with our Passages of Resurrection
  • Our Covenant with our Heart Flames of Love Eloah
  • Our Covenant with our Brain Flames of Light Elohim
  • Our Covenant with the Tree of Life.

Mother Akasha’s Guests include Master Asun, 2 of the Mighty Elohim, 2 of the Majestic Eloah, the Arceus (who are the Sacred Geometry Architects of our Universe) the Goddess Rose, Mighty Victory, Master Jesus, and the Goddess of Harmony. Calgary 2018

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