Covenant With Akasha 2019

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Covenant with Akasha

Our Covenant, Becoming a Magdalene Rose, A Covenant of Heart and Soul!

Welcome Beloved Hearts to our Covenant with Mother Akasha. Our Ascended Master Guests include Mother Akasha, Beloved Asun, Princess Mary Magdalene, Mighty Victory, Beloved Lady Nada, Beloved Jesus, the Elohim and Eloah and the Architects of our Universe, known to us as the ‘Arceus’. Our Covenant themes include:

  • Our Covenant with the Magdalene Force
  • Mother Akasha’s Covenant with Resurrection of our Heart
  • Mary Magdalene’s Covenant with our Feeling Body
  • Opening the Seal to the Divine Mother’s Presence
  • Beloved Jesus, A Covenant with our Heart and Soul
  • Princess Mary Magdalene raises the Student Body to Magdalene’s
  • The Magdalene Rose, A Covenant in itself
  • Lady Nada, our Covenant of Determination to go the Distance
  • Magnetic Shields placed over our solar plexus and Feeling Body
  • Our Covenant with Consciousness
  • Consciousness, the Substance of all things hoped for
  • Covenant, let us resolve all things first in our Consciousness
  • The Raising Activity of Gold and Silver
  • Covenant: “I” is the Father, “AM” is the Mother (Polarity)
  • Covenant: “I” is the Light, “AM” is the Love (Polarity)
  • Activation: The Sacred Energy Centres of our Sphere of Consciousness
  • Aligning the Sacred Energy Centres of our Sphere of Consciousness with our body
  • The Arceus on our Covenant with Geometry of Gold and Silver
  • Mother Akasha, Covenant with our First Breath, what makes us unique

Calgary 2019

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