Covenant with Asun 2018

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Covenant with Asun

Our Beloved Master Teacher Asun invites you to join Him as He presents ‘Covenant with the Masters’ in Syracuse, New York, a Himalayan Mystery School Style Weekend Covenant.

I AM the Cosmic Law’s Victorious Action of all Covenants fulfilled!

Once a year, Lord Maitreya hosts Covenant in Los Angeles, Mother Akasha hosts Covenant in Calgary, and our Beloved Master Teacher Asun hosts Covenant in Syracuse, New York! Asun’s special guests include: Mother Akasha, Great Germain, the Goddess of Liberty, Lord Lanto, Princess Mary Magdalene, Mighty Victory, and Cosmic Representatives of the Arceus, the Eloheim, and the Immortals.

Covenants that will be Initiated:

  • Our Covenant with our ascent into a State of Grace
  • Our Covenant with the Sacred Path of Initiations
  • Our Covenant with over-coming appearances
  • Our Covenant with Realizations of Truth
  • Our Covenant with God appearing as Infinite Individual Being
  • Our Covenant with the Law of Attraction
  • Our Covenant with Raising your bodies as Sacred Temples
  • Our Covenant with the Great Silence of your Inner Being
  • Our Covenant with the Powers of Focus and Concentration
  • Our Covenant with Freedom and Victory
  • Our Covenant with the Powers of Nature
  • Our Covenant with the Magdalene Force

~ Syracuse 2018

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