Covenant With Maitreya 2019

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Covenant With Maitreya

Lord Maitreya fulfills His Covenant to raise the Student Body
to the 26th Passage of Resurrection!

Welcome Beloved Friends to our first Covenant of 2019, Covenant with the Lord Maitreya. Our Ascended Master Guests include Mother Akasha, Beloved Asun, Princess Mary Magdalene, Archangel Michael, Beloved Quan Yin, the Great Master Germain, the Elohim and Eloah and the Architects of our Universe, the Arceus. Our Covenant themes include:

  • Dedication and Consecration with a deeper level of Mastery over mind/feelings
  • Covenant of Appreciation
  • Covenant to fulfill your Destination
  • Your Destination is not pre-destined, it is a Choice
  • Your Destiny is not pre-destined such as a seed of a plant
  • Consecration a Divine Seal that cannot be broken
  • Covenant to heal our broken promises
  • Covenant to go back to the future, to fulfill all Covenants we have yet to fulfill
  • Covenant to fulfill the Divine Plan of our Potential Destination, Pattern of Perfection that is held within our Sacred Seed, our Soul, reveals the Potential of Destination as revealed within the Sacred Seed of our Soul.

Lord Maitreya and the Great Master Germain will initiate through the Activity of the Sacred Fire that from September 2019 to September 2020 will be a Mighty Focus for the removal of all past density of duality that has ever registered in our emotional body. Shields of Light will be projected around our emotional body so that we no longer take on any discord from the outer world. ~ Los Angeles 2019

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