Covenant With Maitreya 2017

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Covenant With Maitreya

Covenant, A Law Unto Our Own Being, A Promise That Can Never Be Broken. I AM The Cosmic Law’s Victorious Action Of All Covenants Fulfilled!

The Majestic Eloah Lumina and The Elohim Cassiopeia who come to Covenant to Initiate the Cosmic Light of Illumination within our Minds, opening the Way for the Universal Wisdom of the Christ to emerge a graceful state of Celestial Consciousness that provides us with initial experiences of Omniscience.

The Cosmic Beings attending Covenant include: Mother Akasha, Lord Asun, Lord Maitreya, the Goddess of Purity, Mighty Victory, the Eloah Lumina, Virginia, and Astrea, the Elohim Cassiopeia, Cyclopea, and Purity, the Arceus Arcaseus and Arcameus, the Immortal Zeus, and Beloved Jesus the Christ. ~ Los Angeles 2017

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