Covenant with the Masters 2017

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Covenant with the Masters

Asun is hosting Covenant in Syracuse, New York! Asun’s special guests include: Mother Akasha, Master Germain, the Goddess of Liberty, Lord Lanto, Princess Mary Magdalene, Mighty Victory, the Goddess of Purity, and Cosmic Representatives of the Arceus, the Eloheim, and the Immortals. The Sacred Geometries of the United States of America will be presented in Syracuse!

Covenants that will be Initiated:

  • Our Covenant with facing and ending limiting perceptions
  • Our Covenant with ‘Showing Up’
  • Our Covenant with over-coming appearances
  • Our Covenant with Purity, Peace, and Harmony
  • Our Covenant with the Nature of Abundance
  • Our Covenant with the Law of Attraction
  • Our Covenant with the Substance of our bodies
  • Our Covenant with Inner Communication
  • Our Covenant with the Powers of Focus and Concentration
  • Our Covenant with Freedom and Victory
  • Our Covenant with the Powers of Nature
  • Our Covenant with the Magdalene Force of Determination

~ Syracuse 2017

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