Diamond Heart Conclave 2016

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“I AM the Tree of Life”

Now Jesus comes to Conclave to complete our restoration as ‘Branches’ of the Tree of Life. The Authority given:

“I AM the Branch, Christ is the Tree, God is the Roots of which I AM grounded.”

Student Body to be raised from the 18th Passage of Resurrection into the 22nd Passage | The Resurrection of our awareness of Spiritual Truths regarding the Tree of Life | The Opening of the Holy Shekinah-The Holy Sanctuary of God, in each of us | The removing of certain veils of density from our inner and outer sight | Release of a Mighty Wave of Light from Jesus own Temple, to each Student | To make real, all the Presence spoke through Jesus in His Resurrection.

Conclave Guests include: Mother Akasha, Lord Asun, Jesse & Nitzevet the parents of David, King David, King Solomon, Grandmother Anna, Mother Mary, Joseph father of Yeshu, Jesus the Christ, Archangel Gabriel, 2 Ascended Master Youth, Mighty Victory, Lady Leto, Elohim Hercules, Eloah Amazonia, Goddess of Venus, Sanat Kumara, and the Evening Rose who is the Goddess Himalaya. ~ Montreal 2016

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