Diamond Heart Conclave 2018

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Diamond Heart Conclave

The Love of Cosmic Consciousness

Now we can unleash the Creative Spiritual Power to create…Heaven on Earth!

It is our time to Journey into Cosmic Consciousness |Together we imagine a New World of Perfection | How our Consciousness uses our Imagination | Let your body be your Temple governed by your Consciousness | We came to Earth to Create, Experience, and Discover | We came to Earth to have all the experiences we can Imagine | Without physical reality we have no means to experience what we Imagine | Programming our Imagination to create and experience only what we desire | The Love of Cosmic Consciousness disrupts all limiting unconscious programs | Together we must help to change the direction of civilization | A New Conscious Mind ends the drudgery of limited over-thinking | Nine Initiations to experience the Love that lifts us into Cosmic Consciousness

Our Ascended Master Guests include Beloved Jesus, Mother Mary, Grandmother Anna, the Great Germain, Princess Mary Magdalene, World Teacher Lady Leto, Master Kuthumi, Mother Teresa, Ascended Master Youth, the Great God Aries, the Director Logos, Mighty Victory, Mighty Cassiopea, Archangel Michael, Mother Akasha and Papa Asun. ~ Montreal 2018

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