Diamond Heart Conclave 2023

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Mother Akasha, Father Asun, and their Ascended Master Guests once again welcome you to Conclave. Having studied many of the Gems of our Humanity, potential Higher Natures of Consciousness that can be reached, through the renewal of ancient Heart rituals and exercises, focus and attention upon the mystical eye at the centre of our forehead, we are ready to explore the Vast inner Landscape of Self.

Understanding Self as Individualized Consciousness | Increased means of looking within our self | Our new Heart Brain Connection | Consciously choosing to live in Gamma Rem Brain | The original 25-year plan to grow a mature human body | Our bodies respond to new inner codes and programs | Peering inside the vastness of our Individual Consciousness | What will we find? Be prepared to be amazed.

Our Guest Masters include Mother Akasha, Father Asun, Quan Yin, Lord Chananda, Master Germain, Mighty Helios, Ascended Master Youth, Goddess Virgo and Lord Kuthumi.

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