Lady Leto

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Lady Leto

Lady Leto is from the Ancient House of India where Ascended Masters serve in the Cave of Light, which is a mighty focus of Light upon this planet. Lady Leto as an Ascended Master Teacher has mentored many young Initiates in achieving their Ascensions at a very young age.

She was raised to the office of World Teacher in December 2012. It is the first time this office has been held by a Lady Ascended Master. Lady Leto has taught that you may pre-program your Heart Flame to pour hundreds of thousands of rhythmic waves of Divine Love without limit all the time, so that you may be in obedience to the “One Law”, that Law being Love, then universally applied.

She has since taught, that you may call upon Her to take you in your light body to prepare for higher service. She asks us to imagine being escorted to a little room to change into a hooded robe with violet, pink and gold detailing around all hems, and a little blanket held closely over your shoulder to bring comfort and food to those in need and then journeying out into the world where you chose to serve. She sustained a stunningly beautiful appearance of 18 summers in the garment for more than 700 years on Earth. Lady Leto works with the Emerald Green Flames and Her Heart Flame is made up of variations of Green.

Available in Best Quality Photo paper ready for framing.
Artist: Gayliaa

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