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Masters of the Far East – Pt.2

Our Beloved Papa Asun hosts a magical weekend with the Great God of Freedom, the Master Germain, His twin Flame the Goddess of Justice, and the Ascended Family from the Cave of Light in India. The Masters from the Cave of Light include Mother Meta, Lord Chananda, Lady Najah and Master Cha Ara, along with Special Guests Lord Maitreya, Goddess Himalaya and the Lord Buddha. Topics of Discourse will include:

  • The Magic Presence
  • We are only a Sacred Flying Carpet away
  • What will my Violet Freedom Flame do for you now
  • Giving Justice back to your Presence
  • In the Silence & Stillness, I Rise Up
  • An advancing Conduit for Universal Consciousness
  • Understanding the Walls of Invisibility, Invincibility, Invulnerability
  • Drawing forth from the Immensity of your Beingness
  • Living from the Inner Sanctum of your Divinity
  • Spiritual Re-birth, Consciousness and Matter

~ Vancouver 2021

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