Mother Mary’s Gifts Book

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Mother Mary’s Gifts

Description: Soft Cover 196 pages, 8.5×5.5 in
Printed in 2021

Contained inside the pages of this remarkable, lovely little book, you will receive 55 Gifts sourced through a humble Messenger originating from Mother Mary. She speaks to each open heart that is ready to listen and receive the Gifts that are designed to teach and lead us into living daily in a state of a more perfect love.

As with any physical gift, we first unwrap it, examine the contents, learn how to use it, or where to place it. These Gifts of Mary’s Love are intended to simultaneously be kept close inside our hearts and given freely to others. Each one builds upon the next providing a foundation on which to base a more complex understanding of Divine Love. She provides detailed explanations on how to make each Gift of Divine Love active inside your own being, guiding you to what has the potential to create transcendent transformation. Her Gifts range from offering us Divine Protection to the Illuming Peace of the Great, Great Silence to Her Rose of Eternal Purity as a source of healing.

She says:

“Look at your life as a book of life. What is your life inviting you to do? Maybe your life is asking you to complete the chapter you are presently living. Maybe your life is ready for the next chapter.”

Maybe your life is ready for this book….

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