Radiant Rose Conclave 2015

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The Eternal Rose of the Mother’s Presence

We welcome you to Conclave, Precious Hearts. Mother Akasha and Lord Asun’s Special Guests include: Mother Mary, Rose, Goddess of Victory, Goddess of Peace, Goddess of Harmony, Goddess of Light, Goddess Charity, Goddess of Purity, Mother Teresa, Master Germain, the Immortal Zeus, Eloah Amora, and Elohim Hercules. The Goddess of Venus comes to open our Conclave.

Now comes The Immortal Rose of Sheer Determination | Experiencing and using the Magdalene Energy and Force | The Power of Love to enter Christ Consciousness | How to enfold your life in the Flower of Life Blueprint | Seven Sacred Moments into Higher Consciousness, seven times a day | Birthing the Radiant Rose in your Heart Flame | Birthing the Cosmic Light Cross in your Mind | I AM in me is the Healing Presence | Remembering and loving the Tree of Life | In Oneness with the Mothers Presence comes Sacred Rebirth | A new Consciousness, an Abundance of Life emerges. Edmonton 2015

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