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Radiant Rose Conclave 2017
A New Paradigm for Spiritual Practitioners!

Our Ascended Master Guests for our Radiant Rose Practitioner’s Conclave include: The Director Logos, Mother Akasha, Lord Asun, Beloved Quan Yin, Lord Kuthumi, Lady Leto, Master Serapis Bey, Goddess of Music, the Buddha, Ascended Master Youth, Mighty Virgo, Master Chananda, Goddess Rose, Master Germain, and Mighty Victory.

The Journey Within our Consciousness | Piercing the Veils between two worlds | Gaining Momentum with Spiritual Power | A return to the Tree of Life | Inner Guides and Angels to help | The Conscious Act of Letting Go | Practicing the Silence | Currents of God Consciousness | Practitioner’s Use of the Sacred Fire | Resting In and Receiving Christ Presence and Power | It is the ‘I’ within, that doeth the Works | I in the midst of me is One with God | Master Germain purifies the noise and clutter in us | Mighty Victory greets us in our unlimited Consciousness.


Edmonton, Canada 2017