Radiant Rose Conclave 2012

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The Radiant Rose Conclave – The Creation of the Electronic Shields Begins.

Beloved Akasha states that the time has come to begin the Ascended Master construction of the Electronic Shields of the Untouchables. This is likened to the Mighty Electronic Force that was drawn around Beloved Jesus during His Ministry, where no harm could come upon the Master, until He himself lowered those Shields. This Mighty Electronic Force will be prepared by the Great Lord Metatron himself and given to Beloved Great Master Germain, Beloved El Morya, and Lord Kuthumi, to begin projection of these Electronic Shields around the Students. This Activity will begin this Conclave and continue over the next 3 years.

Beloved Emanuel will speak into the progress of the Ascended Master Light pouring from the Higher Octaves, as the Gates opened fully on May 26, 2012, and how we can cooperate with this. The Ascended Mahatma Gandhi, now the Great God of Unity will address the Unifying Presence of the Akashic Force that we will use as future Untouchables. Beloved El Morya will come to us as the young King Arthur to advance the Chemistry of the Untouchables and Great Master Germain comes to us as the young Will Shakespeare..

Akasha and Asun’s Ascended Master Guests include: Lord Metatron, the Goddess of Harmony, Great Master Germain, Goddess of Liberty, El Morya, Lady Leto, Emanuel, the Goddess of Peace, Lord Kuthumi, and the Ascended Master Youth Pearl and Bob. We welcome also the RRA Actors Guild. Edmonton 2012

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