Radiant Rose Conclave 2013

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The Radiant Rose Conclave – The Untouchables Sacred Fire Conclave.

Shepherds of the Sacred Fire to the Earth | New Activities of the Sacred Fire for Healing and Transformation | Stepping up our Planetary Service of the Sacred Fire | Radiant Rose Souls and the Rose Pink Flames | The Immortal Power of Cosmic Christ Love | Resurrection Flames for achieving the Resurrection out of limitation | The Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory | Intense Sacred Fire removal of all that is destructive begins | Using the Sacred Fire to raise the Consciousness of everyone | The Ascended Masters Sacred Fire Love | The Driving Will and Healing of the Rose Pink Flames | The Redemption Flames from the Heart of Creation | The Sacred Fire Alchemy of the Royal Purple Purifying Flames | Using Archangel Michael’s Cosmic Blue Flame | Archangel Raphael’s Sacred Fire Healing Flame | Resurrection Flames of the Great Great Silence | Expanding your Heart Flame’s Lantern of Light | The Sacred Fire’s Purifying Love and Perfection | Your Golden Sun’s Presence Miracle Flame | Your Golden Flame of All Christ Illumination | Newly Activated Himalayan Sacred Fire Energy Power Grid | Goddess of Liberty’s Cosmic Blue Flame Grid | Creating your Sacred Fire Sanctuary within your Heart | Drawing forth your Emerald Green Flame of Peace and Harmony.

Beloved Mother Akasha and Asun’s Special Guests include the Mighty Great Master Germain, Goddess of Liberty, Mighty Victory, the Goddess of Purity, Archangel Raphael, Ascended Children Nada and Rex, Master El Morya, Goddess of Light, Master Kuthumi, Beloved Quan Yin, and the Great God Helios of the Fire Element. Our Conclave MC is Magic Moreno, and our Special Guest Paul Armitage.

Edmonton 2013

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