Resurrection Conclave 2019

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Resurrection Conclave 2019

 Master Enoch Activates the Pyramid-Sphinx in the middle of Earth
Restoration of the Sacred Plumes of Gaia
The Divine Feminine Greets our Consciousness

Mother advises us the time has come to welcome Master Enoch to the Academy. Master Enoch will activate the Pyramid-Sphinx known as the Solar Ray Lion that abides in the middle of the Earth to assist Gaia to receive the Sacred Plumes of Creation.

Master Enoch greets the Student Body | Eloah Amazonia delivers the Heart Plumes of Creation to Gaia | The Lady Ascended Masters come to expand the Divine Feminine within our Consciousness | The Divine Feminine initiates and expands a Consciousness of Truth in our hearts | The Masters direct our Heart Flame to reunite fragmented aspects of self | How enlightened Consciousness bridges our mind and heart | The Resurrection of our Consciousness to tap into our Soul Genius | Mother Akasha escorts us into the Akashic Field | Mother Akasha and Goddess Venus enrich our feelings with their Presence | Mary Magdalene offers Her Magdalene Force for Resurrection | Goddess of Venus comes to strengthen the Earth’s Heart Flame | A greater Cleansing of the Earth begins, the Masters ask for our Cooperation | The Masters discourse on how the Seventh Golden Age Resurrection of Earth begins ~ Vancouver 2019

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