Resurrection Conclave 2020

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Resurrection Conclave 2020

God of Gold: I am a being of Cause Alone!
Goddess of Silver: and that Cause Love, the Sacred Tone!
And the Anchoring of Mother Akasha’s Vision for the Academy and all Her Roses

Our Ascended Master Guests: Mother Akasha, Papa Asun, the Director Logos, Lord Buddha, Beloved Quan Yin, Jesus Christ, the Goddess of Venus, Mighty Victory, Mary Magdalene, Archangel Raphael, the God of Gold, the Goddess of Silver, Great Master Germain, Goddess of Music, Ascended Master Youth, Beloved Virgo, and Sanat Kumara.

The Buddha Heart of Venus’ Cosmic Love Supreme | Goddess of Music initiates the Sacred Tone | Beloved Jesus, the Resurrection of ‘Thy Will Be Done’ | Akasha and Master Germain continue to clear duality from our emotional body | Mighty Victory offers us the Resurrection Vibration of Victory | Archangel Raphael offers His Emerald Green Flame Healing | Sanat Kumara offers insights to the Divine Plan of this 7th Golden Age | Quan Yin initiates Resurrection of Divine Compassion & Redemption | Beloved Virgo reveals how we can help our Beloved Planet Earth | Ascended Master Youth ignite the Flame of Youth in our hearts.            ~ Vancouver 2020

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